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You’re tired, you’re overwhelmed, and your eyes feel so heavy you can hardly keep them open. You’ve worked 50+ hours this week and you’re barely making enough money to pay rent and keep food on the table.

You started your private editing business so you could have the freedom to be your own boss, create your own schedule, and run a profitable and thriving business.

Instead, you are frantically working all hours of the day, taking on ANY client who will hire you, and you barely have time to see your family. 

you know you need a change

but you don't know where to start

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i know, because i've been exactly where you are

The late nights. The missed holidays. The stress of a business weighing so hard on you that you can hardly breathe. Difficult clients who don’t deliver catalogs on time, respect your office hours, and disappear after a few months. The crushing fear that bills are due next week and you don’t have enough money to pay them.

But what if I told you that it’s absolutely possible for you to work with your dream clients while running a successful and thriving editing business? 

You just need a little guidance and the right tools to get you there.

It’s time for you to take control of your business, and we’re going to do it together.

I'm in, Let's do this!

for the private editor who is tired of spending every waking hour working with little to show for it, missing time with her friends and family, and is ready to take her business to the next level 

one-on-one coaching sessions


what's included

Skype Call

One 2-hour Skype call on the 3 main topics you choose.

Website Review

Before we meet, I'll go through your website (or Edit-Source listing) & provide you with feedback.


Exclusive access to the Emily Moore Online Community, where you'll get first priority to client referrals.

what to expect

Once your order is complete, you’ll be able to sign up for a session time and join our exclusive online community.

Sign your coaching contract and fill out your coaching questionnaire. Include the top 3 topics you want to cover in our time together.

Implement new techniques within your business to start improving client relationships, increasing your income, and getting your life back.

don't take it from us. here's what past clients & peers have to say about working with Emily!

“Emily shared SO MUCH valuable information with me on the subjects I wanted and needed her help with! Her feedback was professional, honest and genuine. These sessions would definitely benefit a new editor but they would also benefit a seasoned editor because Emily is willing to meet you were you are and find out what specific areas of your business that you need help with.” 

Lindsey Trauger

“Emily was so thorough in her teaching process, and always made sure I understood how her systems worked as well as how I could give my clients an amazing experience! I can’t thank her enough! I love the freedom editing has given me! ” 

kevyn dixon

I’m a boutique photo editor based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Four years ago, I quit my steady 9-5 job as a photo retoucher to launch my own business focused on helping wedding photographers take back their lives. I was young, shy, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I worked hard, made a few mistakes along the way, and now I work with 15 photographers across the United States. 

Since my first year of business, I have increased my profits by 500%, edited over 400,000 images (and still counting!) and delivered over 400 catalogs to satisfied clients. It’s been an incredible business journey.

So tell me, are you ready to start yours?

Hey there, I'm Emily!

I'm ready

“This sounds great, but I’ve got questions!”

Keep reading, We’ve got answers!

01. I'm just starting out, would this be beneficial for me?

Absolutely! However, I do recommend if you’re just starting out to either do mentoring with me or purchase a copy of The Editor’s Business Binder to help get you started on your business journey.

02. What topics can we cover during out time together?

During our time together, we’ll cover the 3 main areas of your business that feel you need the most work on. Popular topics include marketing, social media, business workflows, branding, and bringing in new clients.

03. What's the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Mentoring sessions are comprised of 3 meetings that take place over several months. In mentoring sessions, I walk through all of my processes step-by-step in the first meeting. Then in follow-up meetings, we’ll go over anything you’re struggling with as you bring in new clients.

A coaching session is a single meeting where we focus on your top 3 topics that you are struggling with in your business. We won’t go over all of my workflows and processes, but we can go over a select few if you are needing guidance in a particular area.

04. Does this come with The Editor's Business Binder?

The Editor’s Business Binder is not included in coaching sessions. However, you’ll be able to purchase it as an add-on at checkout.

05. Do you have payment plans available?

Unfortunately, I do not currently offer payment plans for coaching sessions.

06. I'm looking to have just one or two short questions answered. Can I schedule a shorter consultation?

Yes! I now offer 20-minute laser coaching sessions for editor’s who don’t need a full 2-hour coaching session. Simply click here to see what that session entails!

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