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Editing Tools

wacom tablet

I could not edit the amount of weddings I edit throughout the year if I didn't have my Wacom Tablet. It is a game changer for the private editor, and a valuable tool that you will not regret investing in! Check out this post here for more information. *Make sure you get a medium size.

editing program

For my wedding editing, I use Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. There are a lot of different versions of Lightroom, so it's important you and your clients are using the same program or you'll have compatibility issues. I recommend signing up for the Photography Plan. It's the same price as just getting Lightroom and you get both Lightroom AND Photoshop.

wacom tablet

retouching program

get lightroom

For more advanced retouching, I use Adobe Photoshop. This is hands down THE best program around if you are wanting to do touchups. I recommend signing up for the Photography Plan. It's only $9.99/mo and you get both Lightroom AND Photoshop.

get photoshop



business binder

for the aspiring private photo editor

learn more

website resources

website hosting

I highly recommend Siteground for your website/blog hosting. After having a LOT of issues with another host, I switched to Siteground and I have really been happy with them. They migrated my entire site with no issues. Anytime I have an issue or question, I only have to wait a minute or two before getting someone on their live chat. The support team is always friendly and helpful!

wordpress themes

My #1 recommendation for feminine Wordpress themes is Hello You Designs. Not only are these themes beautiful and affordable, but they are easy to install. They offer tutorials and support if you have any issues once you have installed your theme. You can also pay a little extra to have them install your theme, which is absolutely  worth it!

get web hosting

domain names

get a theme

Honestly, if you want to make it easier on yourself, purchase your domain name from your hosting company if they offer it. It's easier to buy it from your hosting company than to buy it elsewhere and transfer it. If your hosting company doesn't offer domains, I recommend Siteground. Their domains are super affordable and easy to forward/transfer to your hosting company (if you don't use Siteground).

get a domain

Page Builder for Wordpress

Elementor Pro allows you to design Wordpress pages without knowing any coding! With their easy drag-and-drop design, you can customize your website pages easily for just $49. They have a free version that works great, too, but the pro versions gives more customization options and integration with your Wordpress pages. If you have a WooCommerce shop, you'll definitely want to consider upgrading to the Pro version for most custom integration.

wordpress shop

if you use Wordpress and you want to set up a shop on your website, then WooCommerce is the plugin for you! I've never seen a Wordpress website that didn't use this plugin for their shop (nor have I seen a theme that didn't use this plugin for the shop, either). It's user-friendly and very easy to get started with this plugin.

get elementor

landing page templates

get woocommerce

If you're like me and you hate creating landing pages from scratch, then you'll want to invest in Bluchic's landing page templates! I love these templates and have used them for so many products. Not only are they beautiful, but they are easy to use. You'll need to get the Elementor plugin in order to use these templates, but they are compatible with the free version!

get templates

7 free

styled stock images

get them now

Business resources

management program

I use 17Hats to run my entire business and I love it. Not only do I manage all of my clients and catalogs with this program, but I also use it to send contract, questionnaires, and invoices. If you use my link, you can save 10% on an annual (or higher plan) subscription!

email marketing

I highly recommend using Flodesk for your email marketing needs. I have tried other programs like MailChimp and ConvertKit, and Flodesk is so much easier to use! If you're not very tech-savvy when it comes to newsletters, Flodesk is definitely the way to go! If you use the code "EMILYMOORE" you can save 50% on your Flodesk subscription!

get 17hats

file transfer

get flodesk

I recommend Dropbox for transferring files between you and your clients. Dropbox is only $11.99 a month with 2TB of storage space. I work with huge files daily and I have never run out of space. It's so much easier to use than a lot of other FTP programs. As a bonus, most of my editing clients already have Dropbox, which makes the process even easier!

Get dropbox


I highly recommend The Legal Paige for contracts for your business. They have a contract template for pretty much everything you can think of. This is a resource you might think you can get away with, but it's one of THE most valuable investments you'll make in your business.

styled stock

if you use Wordpress and you want to set up a shop on your website, then WooCommerce is the plugin for you! I've never seen a Wordpress website that didn't use this plugin for their shop (nor have I seen a theme that didn't use this plugin for the shop, either). It's user-friendly and very easy to get started with this plugin.

get a contract

scheduling program

get styled stock

I use Calendly to schedule mentoring and coaching calls. Once students check out using ThriveCart, they are redirected to a specific calendar where they can sign up for an available time. I can customize the calendars depending on the session and I can select my availability for each one. 

get calendly

5 changes that

doubled my income

in just one year

free e-book

get it now

financial resources


I use GoDaddy Bookkeeping and it is amazing! GoDaddy Bookkeeping allows you to sync your Etsy shop(s), PayPal account(s), bank accounts, and much more. Once connected, the program imports everything automatically, including all of the fees Etsy and PayPal collect. Check out this blog post for more detailed information regarding this program.

payment program

I use PayPal to accept payments for my editing services from clients. PayPal integrates seamlessly with all of my other programs I use in my business. Not only that, but it's easy and free for my clients to use. Yes, I pay fees per transaction, but it's not more than any other services and it counts as a cost of doing business.

get bookkeeping

checkout system

get PayPAl

For a few of my services, I use ThriveCart to take payments and offer upsells. With ThriveCart, you can offer payment plans without the hassle of having to send reminders, and they take NO additional transaction fees! As an added bonus, you can also run an affiliate program using ThriveCart. Using my special link, you can get it for a one time payment instead of monthly.

get Thrivecart

10 ways to grow

your editing business

during off-season

free e-book

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blue snowball microphone

The Blue Snowball microphone is not just a great-quality microphone, but it is incredibly affordable! I absolutely love mine, and as someone who is not the most tech-savvy person, it is so easy to use. Just plug it into your computer and go! If you are just getting started doing videos or a podcast, this is a great option to consider.

backup hard drive

If I've learned anything in my 9 years in the photography industry, it's that you need a good backup system. When I'm home, I want a reliable hard drive that can sit on my desk without the fear of having to risk moving and dropping it. For this, I recommend the Western Digital hard drive. I have never had one of these fail me!

blue snowball

portable hard drive

WD hard drive

When I'm on the road, I need a reliable portable hard drive that isn't going to come loose out of my computer every time it gets bumped (the passport hard drive did this -- it was terrible). I have used the Seagate portable hard drive for years now and I love it. I've had several of them and they have yet to fail me! I got this case for it and it's been great!

seagate hard drive


I currently use YouTube to host all of my tutorials and business videos. With YouTube's privacy settings, you can strategically use this platform in order to host courses, marketing video, and even host online summits.

video conferencing

I use Skype for my video conferencing calls with clients. Skype is free with unlimited minutes during your meetings. Most of my clients already have a Skype account, so it adds another level of convenience for them.

Youtube channel


get skype

Camtasia is a screen and video recording software. I use it for all of my tutorial videos and I absolutely love it. It is easy to use and allows me to create high-quality videos for my YouTube channel and social media sites.

get camtasia

7 reasons you're

not getting referrals

& how to fix it

free e-book

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social media


Tailwind makes it easy to schedule pins on Pinterest during your peak times of the day. Not only that, but you also become part of a community where people can share your content. It can be a little confusing at first, so I recommend checking out the free trial before purchasing it. I wish I had signed up for Tailwind sooner because it has made a huge difference in my business!


Planoly is an app that I use to plan out my Instagram feed. With the free version, you only get 30 grid and 30 story uploads per month. You also only get metrics for the last 30 days. Even if you use it to plan out your feed, you still have to manually post each post. Mostly, I use Planoly when I'm wanting to make sure the images on my feed are cohesive, so I do not use the paid version.

get tailwind

instagram landing page

get planoly

I used to use Linktree as an Instagram landing page, but then I realized I was sending all of my traffic away from my website! Now I have a page on my site that allows me to customize my Instagram links page and get more traffic to my website. For Wordpress users, I recommend checking out Bluchic's Instagram Landing Pages! They're easy to use and completely customizable.

get landing pages

shattered: lessons in survival & Strength

check it out

i am that girl

the business boutique

check it out

check it out

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happy Hand lettering

check it out

the total money makeover

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the best yes

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make it happen

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secrets of six-figure women

my favorite reads