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As a North Carolina native, born & raised, the Outer Banks has always been near & dear to my heart. Getting to visit the Outer Banks in the 4th grade was one of my favorite field trips that I took growing up. We got to learn so much about the ecosystems there. During spring break of that same year, I did a camp at the Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys & learned even more about the amazing creatures that inhabit our oceans. One of the most incredible experiences I've never forgotten even to this day was when we went snorkeling & I saw a giant sea turtle. It was one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen in my life. He didn't seem too bothered by us, he just went about his business while we stared in awe.

That was the day I fell in love with sea turtles.

For years & years, my family has visited Bald Head Island - a place that is so near & dear to my heart! One of my favorite things about the island is the BHI Conservancy, a non-profit foundation founded in 1983. The conservancy sponsors & facilitates scientific research while also striving to protect & preserve wildlife. This includes the study & protection of sea turtles, many of which nest on the island every year. They are doing some really amazing things & I hope you will take a moment to check them out to see the incredible work they are doing!

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Every year, we give to the BHI Conservancy in some way. We even adopted a hatchling in the past, which was a great way to give back & give support, but the truth is that they could really use our support because

All seven species of sea turtles worldwide are either nearly endangered or endangered.

This is not only shocking, but a horrifying truth. It's our responsibility take steps to ensure that the efforts towards protecting sea turtles can be more successful. This is why I want to start working towards making a bigger impact towards helping the BHI Conservancy & their mission.

This is why 10% of profits from every purchase made from my Etsy shop will be donated to the BHI Conservancy.

This has been a long time in the making, & I am so excited to finally be taking this leap in 2023 to work towards making a bigger impact towards projects I'm very passionate about. If you feel led to make a purchase, I would be so grateful for your support! You can also donate directly to the BHI Conservancy if you would prefer to donate directly to support the cause.

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10% of profits from each sale will be donated to the BHI Conservancy Sea Turtle Protection Program

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