How to Insert & Update your Elementor Template

  1. 1. After you’ve created a new page, click Edit With Elementor
  2. 2. On your new page, you will see a button with a plus sign, and a button with a folder on it. Underneath, it will read, “Drag Widget Here.” Click the folder icon to add a new template.
  3. 3. Click My Templates
  4. 4. Hover over the template and click Insert
  5. 5. When the Import Document Settings window pops up, click Yes
  6. 6. Go to the bottom left hand corner and click the Settings button (small gear icon)
  7. 7. Click the drop-down menu next to Page Layout and select Elementor Canvas
  8. 8. Click Update
  9. 9. Now you’re ready to customize your template by clicking on each section to edit the text or insert your own images