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Let's Work Together

We believe there is more to life than work, which is why we've spent the last 8 years helping photographers get their time back. With less time spent editing images, you'll have more time to invest into growing your business and spend with loved ones.

Even though we operate as a team, we fully believe that the BEST part about working with a private editor is getting a one-on-one experience. Because of this, you will be matched with your own personal editor who you will work with exclusively. Unlike big box companies, you will have one person editing all of your catalogs, which guarantees consistency.

Whether you need portrait editing, wedding editing, or culling, our dynamic team of editors will be able to accommodate your outsourcing needs.

You became a photographer because you love capturing precious moments from behind the camera, so what are you doing spending hours behind the computer??

anouschka, editor

Nicole, editor

Madelyn, editor

Emily, owner/editor

Our Editing Team

Meet the team

Let’s be honest, You became a photographer because you love capturing precious moments from behind the camera, so what are you doing spending hours behind the computer?? Outsourcing to a private editor allows you to take on more shooting jobs, which not only means more income, but also more shooting time! A survey conducted by Casey Fatchett Photography revealed that 53% of wedding photographers spend eight hours or more on editing. Eight hours for fifteen weddings (on average) a year is equal to five 24-hour days you could be spending doing other things — like taking a vacation! Not only do you alleviate yourself from doing a chore you find tedious, but you are handing it over to an expert.

Focus more on what you love to do

The biggest issue my clients have experienced with large editing companies is inconsistency in their edits. When you outsource to a large editing company, you could have multiple people working through a single catalog. Not only that, but the group of people working on each catalog you send will be different every time. This causes inconsistent editing, which will result in more of your time spent trying to fix the images. When you work with a private editor, you know who is working on every catalog and you have direct line of communication with the person working on your images. If any of your catalogs have inconsistencies, you can let your editor know what changes they need to make in order to maintain a consistent style.

More consistent edits

Time after time, I have seen photographers get behind on editing. They’re overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to do to complete a wedding gallery, so they put it off until they’re having to rush to deliver it within the very last week of the promised turnaround time. One of my main goals is to help you provide a better client experience for your couples. When we work together, we will establish the perfect schedule for you that will help keep delivery times short. My average turnaround time for catalogs is 4 - 6 business days, so you will be able to get galleries back to your clients quickly! You’ll never have to worry about falling behind again!

Create a better client experience

Take a look at your business… We all know that it’s not just the 12-17 wedding days (on average) that you’re working. You’re also meeting with clients, photographing engagement sessions, editing all of your galleries, marketing your business, etc. Running a business can take a toll on anyone, don’t let it take a toll on your personal life, family or friends!

Spend more time with family & friends

I'm a Family and Newborn photographer and they've helped me to cut down my editing time immensely - I can only imagine the difference they would make with wedding catalogs! My editor took the time to figure out my style and now when I receive my photos back, they look just like they would if I worked on them myself. I've worked with other bigger companies in the past, and there is no comparison. Emily Moore Boutique Photo Editing is the best by far! "

"Emily and my editor have been amazing to work with!

Emerald Eye Photography

Cathie Atwood

for my business and myself! Not only have I literally bought myself more time to spend with my family doing things I actually enjoy, but Emily is a wonderful communicator, is willing to do what it takes to make sure everything meets the needs of my clients, and is just all around the sweetest human!"

"Working with Emily has easily been one of the BEST decisions I have made

Alisha Marie Photography

Alisha Moldenhaur

It was a lifesaver in 2021 when I had several weddings in a matter of weeks. I don't want to spend hours of my day and night editing. I want to be able to do other things and outsourcing my editing has allowed that. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for an editor."

"My only regret in 2021 is that I didn't outsource more editing to Emily Moore Photo Editing. 

tasha barbour Photography

Tasha Barbour

and I can always trust them to do an amazing job with my images! It's such an incredible relief when I send a catalog off because I know that it will be completed beautifully and promptly, and it's one more thing off my to do list!! The freedom it gives me is such a gift! I cannot recommend them enough!"

"Emily and her team are true professionals

Maggie Mills Photography

Maggie Mills


Meeting face-to-face with our clients helps us to get to know each other better and hopefully relieves any fears you might have about outsourcing. During our consultation, we go over the entire process from start to finish. We will also talk about your editing style, how to prepare your catalogs and transfer files, set up an editing schedule, and go over any questions you have. If we both feel that we will be a great fit, I will send you a quick questionnaire to fill out before we start working together. If we don’t feel we will be a great fit, or if you are looking for something different, I will work with you to find another editor that will be your perfect match!

It all starts with a video consultation.

The Boutique Editing Experience


Our average turnaround time is 4-6 business days for editing services and 2-3 business days for culling services. During slower seasons, we will frequently get catalogs delivered faster than that. During busier seasons, there's a chance that catalogs may be delayed by 1-2 business days. We will always let you know ahead of time if a catalog is going to be delayed!


Yes! All of our clients must use the most updated version of Adobe Lightroom Classic. This is the most current version of Lightroom. By using the same program, we are reducing the risk of any errors or issues with catalog transfers.


We strive to make sure you are absolutely happy with your edits, which is why we provide up to 3 adjustments per image at no additional cost to you. Just let your editor know upon delivery what changes they need to make to the catalog.


No, but we do require a minimum of 5 catalogs to be sent to us each year.


We do have a contract, however, either party may exit the contract at any time with written notice. This means if you give us a try and decide that we are not a good fit, you can let us know and we will help you find another editor who is going to be a perfect fit for you!


We understand that outsourcing your photo editing is a scary thing. However, every catalog we receive is carefully edited to match each photographer's unique editing style. Because of this, we don't feel a portfolio would give you the best representation of the services we can provide you.


We currently provide basic editing in Adobe Lightroom. Basic edits include exposure, contrast (highlights, shadows, whites, blacks), white balance, clarity vibrance, saturation, cropping/straightening, chromatic aberration, profile corrections, and black and white conversion.


We do not currently offer rushed catalog delivery at this time. In order to assure that you are receiving the highest quality of work and to keep our turnaround times at a minimum, catalogs are frequently completed in the order they are received.