7 Reasons You’re Not Getting Referrals (& How You Can Fix It!)

7 Reasons You're Not Getting Referrals (& How to Fix It!) | Emily Moore Education | Boutique Photo Editing | Private Photo Editor
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7 Reasons You’re Not Getting Referrals (& How You Can Fix It!)

It’s been a while since I put together a free e-book for you guys. This week, I thought I would write one on a topic I get asked about a LOT: referrals. To say this is one of my most-asked topics is an understatement.

Referrals Can Make or Break a Business

As a private photo editor, I can only take a certain number of clients per year. It’s one of the unfortunate things about this line of work. There are SO many wonderful photographers that I have to turn away because I simply don’t have enough hours in a day to take everyone. Needless to say, I give out a lot of referrals throughout the year.

When I have to turn a photographer away, I always try to refer them to a specific editor. My goal is to help them find someone who is going to be a great fit for them. Things I consider are editing style and personality, but there’s so much more to it than that. It also has to be someone I trust to take care of that client. The people you are referring reflects on your business, so it’s important to refer high-quality editors.

We All Make Mistakes

Because of this, I am VERY selective as to who I will refer. There are a lot things that will deter me from referring someone, and today, I want to share what those reasons are. Look — we all understand that it’s easy to get caught up in everything you have to do for your business. It’s easy to make mistakes that we don’t even know we’re making! Sometimes, all you need is a friend on the outside who can tell you what those mistakes are and why they are negatively impacting your business. But, I’m going to help you out, because in this free e-book, I’m not just sharing the mistakes. I’m also sharing the solutions to these issues!

"7 Reasons You're Not Getting Referrals (& How to Fix It!)" Free E-book | Emily Moore Education | Boutique Photo Editing | Private Photo Editor

So don’t wait another minute. Grab your free copy of my “7 Reasons You’re Not Getting Referrals (& How to Fix It!)” below!

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