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dozens of photographers across the United states, taught private editors from all over the world, and built a team of incredible editors. I'm a a wife, mom of two fur-babies & one sweet angel in heaven. I love popcorn, yoga pants, & spending weekends with my sweet family!!

wife, mom of two fur-babies & one sweet angel in heaven. I love popcorn, yoga pants, & spending weekends with my sweet family!!

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My 2018 #Bosslady Reading List

Emily's Reading List

My 2018 #bosslady Reading List | Emily Moore Photo | Private Photo Editor

My 2018 #Bosslady Reading List

Back in September, something crazy happened to me. I compiled a list of things I wanted for my birthday, and most of the items on there were books. BOOKS! Does this happen to everyone as they get older? I’ve NEVER been much of a reader, but lately, I find myself scanning blogs trying to soak in as much as I can.

The thing about blogs is that most of them focus on technical aspects of running your business. One of the biggest things I’ve been trying to implement this past year is focusing more on myself. This includes focusing on my health, both physical and mental. I’ve said it time and time again: running a business is hard. It’s a lot of long hours, hard work, and balancing work life with personal. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know it was one of the things I struggled with most as a new business owner. This was honestly the first year that I felt like I had a really good balance in my business, but I think it could be even better. So this year, I want to shift some of my focus from business tips on blogs to self-help tips in books.

My 2018 #bosslady Reading List | Emily Moore Photo | Private Photo Editor

The other day when I was filling out my 2018 Powersheets, I wrote down that one of my goals this year is to read more. So, I’m going to do exactly that. Here are the books currently on my reading list for the year:

1. Shattered by Jessica Rasdall
2. I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones
3. Secrets of Six-Figure Women by Barbara Stanny
4. Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny
5. The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst
6. Make It Happen by Lara Casey
7. Cultivate by Lara Casey
8. The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
9. Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey
10. The Business Boutique by Christy Wright

Now, I’m not a book critic, but I will be writing posts letting you know my thoughts on each book as I finish them.  Who knows — your life (or business) could be changed by one of these books! If I get through these this year, then I’ll add more to the list. I’ve found that starting with a smaller goal and working your way up helps make it more achievable. I’ll be reviewing “Shattered” by Jessica Rasdall in the next couple of weeks, so make sure you come back for that one! You’ll be able to find all of these book reviews under the new section on my blog called “Emily’s Reading List.”

I am SO excited to start this journey, and I hope you will join me! If you want to read along, feel free to comment below or email me and I’ll let you know which book I’m reading next (“Make it Happen” is next up)! We can be accountabilibuddies 🙂

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