and welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm Emily Moore, and I am a private photo editor based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. For the last 5 years, I've worked with

dozens of photographers across the United states, taught private editors from all over the world, and built a team of incredible editors. I'm a a wife, mom of two fur-babies & one sweet angel in heaven. I love popcorn, yoga pants, & spending weekends with my sweet family!!

wife, mom of two fur-babies & one sweet angel in heaven. I love popcorn, yoga pants, & spending weekends with my sweet family!!

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Meet the Editor: Kayla Ridge

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Summer is in full swing, and we’re halfway through 2022…. so let me ask you, how are you? Do you feel like you’ve achieved what you set out to do this year? Or do you feel like you’ll need to second half of the year to recalibrate? I personally am feeling a mixture of both! Let me encourage you to keep up the hard work and know that you can do hard things. It’s also okay to surrender what you know you can’t attain – being real with yourself and your current capabilities is one of the bravest things you can do.

Now that we’ve had that pep talk, let’s continue with our “Meet the Editor” series! Today’s post is the third in the series. If you’d like to read the other two posts, you can do that here and here. I am so grateful that I have a handful of editors on my team, it’s still very surreal I have them to assist me, which only makes my business flourish.

Next up, we are going to meet Kayla, the third editor in our “Meet the Editor” series! Follow along to find out more about this mama of four who somehow juggles being a photographer, editor, and travel agent.

Kayla Ridge – Photo Editor

Kayla lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her husband Adam and their four kids (3 girls and 1 boy). She also has three dogs, a Dachshund and two Yorkie/Shitzu mixes. On the weekends she enjoys spending time with her family and working on home projects, while day dreaming about sleeping in (something that is hard to come by once you’re a mom). Her favorite things to watch are Ozark, Gilmore Girls, and Harry Potter – and if she’s in the mood to dance it out: 90s pop playlist it is. If she could travel anywhere, her top two choices would be Ireland and Greece; and in her snack bag you’d find Pop Corners and Dots Pretzels.

While she has been a photographer for quite some time now, she has come to realize one of her favorite parts is editing. She loves going through what was captured and being able to enhance the beauty of each image! In her words, “it’s like magic!”

Kayla is a self proclaimed multi-tasker – as a busy mom of 4 who runs two business and works as an editor, she wears many hats! She prides herself on being a fast learner and goal oriented, which are great qualities to have when handling so many things at once. As a mom of one, I can only try and imagine the beautiful chaos your life must be, Kayla! You deserve a big round of applause and standing ovation.

Kayla, I am so thankful for you and what you bring to the table at Emily Moore Photo. Your hard work only adds to our success… thank you for being so awesome!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Kayla, and continue to stay tuned for more posts like this one until you meet the whole team. If you’d like to keep up with her, you can follow her at @kaylaephotos and check her out here.

PS Thank you Jess, my virtual assistant, for the “this or that” graphic!




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